Young Offenders

Young Offenders

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A Youth/Young person is someone between the age of 12-17 who are charged with an offence are governed under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA).

Parliament passed the YCJA (YCJA replaced Young Offenders Act) to address among other things, the overuse of courts and a jail for young persons.

Some of the rights under the YCJA given to young people are as follows:

1. A young person has the right to be accompanied by his or her parents or guardians when being questioned by the police, in addition to the right to a lawyer

2. Young persons have their parents notified when arrested, detained or required to appear in court as soon as possible.

3. A parent or guardian of a young person can put him or herself forward to the court as a “responsible person” during a young person’s bail hearing. Before a youth court decides to detain a young person in custody while waiting for trial, the court must determine whether there is a “responsible person” available to care for and supervise the young person instead of placing the young person in detention.

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Youth Criminal Justice Act

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