On site Commissioner of Oaths

In almost any instance, an affidavit, affirmation, declaration, acknowledgement, examination or attestation becomes legally binding only with the validation of a licensed Commissioner of Oaths.

Typically but not in every circumstance, a Commissioner of Oaths is a solicitor or lawyer authorized by the court to administer official oaths as long as he/she holds a valid license to practice law. All affidavits to be applied in a court of law require a Commissioner of Oaths’ verification. The Commissioner must issue an oath to any deponents giving testimony for such documents for the affidavits to be considered authentic.

During the process of passing affidavits through the court and into evidence, the Commissioner ensures that evidence is submitted in written form. Additionally, he or she affirms that the witness being deposed has read and reviewed the affidavit and understands its claims. He or she then has the deponent swear an oath to the affidavit’s validity, verifies in writing on the document that the oath was completed, and charges a fee for services rendered.

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