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Toronto’s Crown Prosecutors and law enforcement officers regard breaking and entering with zero tolerance whatsoever.

As the name implies, these charges refer to entering a residence, place of business, vehicle or structure without permission and intending to steal goods, commit harm or do other damage. The Crown Prosecutor will almost always chase the stiffest possible sentence on conviction, which can range from fines and restitution to up to 10 years imprisonment, depending on circumstances including the structure broken into, damage done in the process, whether anyone suffered injuries and value of property damaged or stolen.

BREAKING AND ENTERINGCriminal Lawyer, Mandeep Saggi of Saggi Law Firm has successfully defended hundreds accused of breaking and entering, many times attaining reduced charges or outright dismissals. With your sound facts and input, Mandeep Saggi can build a compelling defence that often doesn’t even require that you attend your set court dates. Even with challenging, complex charges against you, Mandeep Saggi can exhaustively defend your rights

Remember, charges such as these can restrict your travel outside the country, show up on employers’ pre-hire background checks, and even distance you from family and loved ones. Don’t go down without a fight. Call Mandeep S. Saggi today for a free consultation.

Got caught? You are innocent until proven guilty.

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