Impaired or over-80 DUI

Mandeep S. Saggi is a trial lawyer who will fight for your rights. Our most important piece of advice, offered here free-of-charge: if you’ve been charged or investigated for an impaired or over-80 DUI vehicular offence, say nothing to authorities until you’ve sought a lawyer’s advice.

Got caught under Over 80 and Impaired Driving charges?

Criminal defence lawyer Mandeep Saggi has successfully had Impaired and Over-80 charges reduced or dismissed entirely. An “over-80” and/or “impaired” operation charge can range from simple operation, care or control of a motor vehicle or vessel while impaired to causing bodily harm or death. Separate charges can stem from instances of refusing to provide a blood, breath, oral fluid or urine sample when under suspicion of causing death via impaired operation.

If found guilty of Impaired driving or Drunk Driving (DUI)/over-80 charges, the ramifications could be disastrous. Even under a first-time offence, consequences include:

  • Criminal record limiting future employment opportunities and restricting international travel
  • Fines possibly exceeding $1,000 + a victim fine surcharge of 30% of the fine
  • 1 year of driving prohibition
  • 12 months with an installed ignition-control device on all motor vehicles that you operate, costing around $125.00 per month
  • Enrollment in the Back on Track education course, costing approximately $500.00
  • Raised car insurance rates that can grow to up to 4-5 times your current ones

More severe still, repeat offenders face all of these in addition to mandatory jail time and up to a lifetime driving prohibition.

Contact Mandeep S. Saggi at Saggi Law Firm for a no-cost consultation. We can help you determine the likelihood of successfully having your charges reduced or even dismissed, often with the help of our access to expert technical specialists and consultants. In some cases, we can even defend your case without your needing to attend some hearings.

Scared, overwhelmed, have a dark cloud hanging over your head? We can help. Don’t go to court – We will go for you.

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