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Criminal harassment charges can often become inherently fraught with grey areas, questions of intent, misunderstanding and pitting an alleged victim’s interpretation of words and actions against a defendant’s claimed intent.

In some instances, acts are committed with the express, admitted intent to intimidate another individual. In other instances, words and deeds are misinterpreted as having an intent to threaten or menace another person.

In either instance, there’s a weighty burden that the Crown must meet in order to attain a criminal harassment conviction:

That the accused was indeed involved with the alleged activity

That the accused either knew how conduct would be perceived and proceeded based on that assumption, or recklessly proceeded with the alleged conduct without regard for the alleged victim’s perception

That the accused’s conduct made the complainant fear for his/her safety and the safety of those connected with him/her

That the circumstances made that fear reasonable

If you’ve been charged, make no statement until you’ve contacted Mandeep Saggi of Saggi Law Firm. Since 2013 Mandeep Saggi has been practicing in Criminal Law, Mandeep Saggi can foresee how your words and actions could be used against you in a court of law. Mandeep Saggi trial lawyer will hear out your circumstances and build a defence that sets the public record straight and protects its depiction of your reputation, often doing so without requiring your appearance in court.

Don’t let misunderstanding damn the public perception of your reputation. If the Crown can’t prove all of the above beyond a reasonable doubt, then the court has no choice but to acquit.

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