Sponsorship Letter

Sponsorship Letter

A sponsorship letter marks one of the most important early steps in the Canadian immigration process.

Upon the arrival of eligible family-class immigrants, eligible relatives residing within Canada must affirm their commitment to providing for them and their accompanying relatives with this official undertaking agreement. It’s a statement that the immigrants’ relatives will attend to their needs while they proceed through the citizenship process, including basic living necessities and any needed social assistance.

These agreements can take a few different forms, depending upon the relationship between Sponsor(s) and Immigrant(s):

  • SPOUSE, COMMON-LAW PARTNER OR CONJUGAL PARTNER must provide 3 years’ financial support, starting from the date that the immigrant and dependents become permanent Canadian residents
  • DEPENDENT CHILDREN UNDER 22 YEARS OF AGE must receive 10 years’ financial support either from the date permanent residency or until they reach 25 years of age (whichever comes first); DEPENDENT CHILDREN OVER 22 YEARS OF AGE must receive 3 years’ financial support from the date of permanent residency
  • ANY OTHER RELATIONSHIP must receive 10 years’ financial support from the date the immigrant becomes a permanent resident

The sponsored immigrant may apply for financial assistance should the sponsor fail in any financial obligations. Even if the sponsored immigrant(s) should receive Canadian citizenship before the sponsorship ends, the full financial terms remain binding.

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