Spousal Support In Brampton

Filing for spousal support can require proof in the form of many documents, statements, other items. You may need to hire a qualified family lawyer in your area if you need help with a spousal support order. You marriage’s financial interdependence may not necessarily end with signing the divorce papers.

If one spouse has been financially dependent upon the other, Canada’s laws entitle the financially dependent spouse to ongoing spousal support in the wake of a divorce – especially if one spouse has suffered an economic detriment as a result of the relationship.

When Is Spousal Support Issued?

Spousal support is generally issued in connection with cases involving divorce or legal separation. Also known as alimony, spousal support is where one spouse pays the other ex-spouse a certain sum of money, usually on a monthly basis. Courts may require this in instances where one party is much more financially stable than the other, and the other party needs assistance in beginning life after the divorce or separation.

It’s the way that the family law ensures that a spouse need not remain in an unhappy matrimonial situation because he or she couldn’t survive without the relationship’s other spouse.

Whether you believe you are entitled to support or the party paying, Mandeep S. Saggi and his Saggi Law Firm team will be advocates for your rights, be they to receiving adequate support so that you can leave a failing marriage and start over without becoming financially destitute in the process, or to protection from requests for excessive support.

As with child support, spousal support payments are determined by examining the circumstances under which the couple lived while married and accounting for both parties’ respective individual assets, individual net worth and income. These negotiations can become complicated, intricate balancing acts that often include one or both sides taking strategic aims at each other’s shortcomings, each believing that the other is “to blame” for the marriage’s failure.

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