“Dear Mandeep, I do not have the words to express how grateful I am, thank you for uniting a mother with her children by beating my charges.”

-Gail D

“When you’re an emigrant, you feel sometimes like a ship in a storm with no port. The thought that I might be a man without a country to call ‘home’ terrified. From the moment I met him, through receiving my citizenship three years ago, and right up to today, I never felt as though Mandeep was fighting for me as a client – he made me feel like he was standing up for a friend.”

–  Walter H

“A DUI conviction presents some pretty terrifying consequences. I was ashamed of my mistake. I feared insurance rates that would break me when they rose. Worst of all, I was afraid of saying goodbye to my family if I received jail time. The smartest move I made throughout was calling Saggi Law Firm. My lawyer beat my charges, avoiding a criminal record, mandatory counseling and a stiff fine.”

– Atendra K

“I threw a 1 a.m. punch in a Bloor Street bar. About 45 minutes later, I was on my way with jail with nobody I knew available to bail me out. My brother called Mandeep Saggi at 8 a.m., and he’d arranged my bail by 10:00.”

Luigi G

“My family owes Mandeep Saggi a debt we may never fully repay. My father’s untimely death at age 55 in a highway accident could’ve thrown the family business, which he owned at the time, into turmoil. It would’ve, had Dad not met with Mandeep earlier to revise his will with explicit instructions for care of his insurance office and his desired succession of ownership. Though we mourned him, the ownership transfer to my oldest brother was seamless enough for operation to smoothly continue. Thank you, from the bottoms of my family’s hearts.”

– Sheryl J

“I’ve been divorced three times. The first two ended with bitterness, regret, and nobody really coming out a ‘winner’. I wish I’d retained the Saggi Law Firm the first two times around. The settlement was negotiated swiftly, executed amicably, and in a first, both my ex-wife and I thanked my lawyer for carrying out such a civil proceeding.”

– Mark. C

“It was such a simple matter — $1,000 that I was owed but never paid on a commercial roofing contract. The business owner didn’t bother with a lawyer, feeling that he could make a strong enough case that I hadn’t lived up to my contract. I hired a lawyer from the Saggi Law Firm who told me he’d tried a dozen such small claims court cases. I walked away with every cent that I was owed and the other guy footing my legal fees. My lawyer’s courtroom manner was worth every cent the other guy paid!”

– Tang. Chen

*past results are not necessarily indicative of future results, outcomes will vary according to facts in individual cases.

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