Loss Of Income

Loss Of Income

Your loss of income claim following an accidental injury stands more chance of success if prepared with the guidance of a seasoned legal professional such as Mandeep S. Saggi and the lawyers of Toronto’s full-service Saggi Law Firm.

With the help of skilled, experienced professionals, Mandeep S. Saggi’s staff can total your past losses due to injury and extrapolate your expected future losses. We’ll take into account your current age, life expectancy, training, experience and other factors to determine how much hardship your injuries have really inflicted upon you.

Your cap for pain-and-suffering damages limits you to around $317,000 in awards. If you were unemployed and/or on disability for some time prior to your accident and subsequent injuries, you can still receive compensation for future care costs.

We’re here to make sure that your injuries don’t sacrifice the quality of life you previously enjoyed. When you visit with Mandeep S. Saggi for your initial consultation, we’ll review your previous income statements and tax returns to get an idea as to just what impact these injuries have already had on you and how they’ll affect your future earning potential.

From there, we’ll help guide you toward every benefit to which the law entitles you for compensation.

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