Accidental Benefits

Accidental Benefits

Accidental benefits claim & all aspects of personal injury litigation

The body and mind alike need time to heal in the wake of an accident. Unfortunately, the world just won’t stop for it to do so. Accidental benefits are available to anyone involved in a car accident regardless of who is responsible. At Saggi Law Firm, our accidental benefits lawyers will act as your advocate and trusted adviser in all matters related to personal injury litigation.

When you need time, but time isn’t on your side, you then need a diligent legal professional such as Mandeep S. Saggi to thoroughly pursue every aid and benefit that will facilitate your recovery.

Depending upon your injuries and circumstances, you could qualify for any combination of income replacement, medical and rehabilitation, attendant care, and death benefits. To do so, consult with a lawyer of Toronto’s Saggi Law Firm in order to:

  • Determine which insurance company should pay the benefits
  • Provide the accident benefits insurer with notice of a claim within seven days of the accident
  • Complete an accident benefits application within 30 days following receipt of the insurance company’s application package
  • Complete your employer and treating health care professional’s respective necessary forms

You could be eligible for benefits ranging from $185/week worth of income replacement benefits to $1 million dollars awarded over the course of your lifetime worth of medical/rehabilitation and attendant care benefits. However, time is a factor.

Following your accident, act quickly to assess the extent of your injuries. Contact Mandeep S. Saggi to receive guidance as to the benefits to which you may be entitled by law. From there, the Saggi Law Firm team will be proud to guide you in establishing your benefit claims.

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