Youth Legal Service Brampton

Youth Legal Service Brampton

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Youth Legal Service Brampton

Youth Legal Service in Brampton

Youth Legal Service provides free professional legal services to children and young people (under 25 years). Children and young people throughout the state can access our legal advice line during office hours, for the cost of a local telephone call. We provide legal advice and casework services to people under 25. Our site has info about legal issues relevant to young people including school, police mistreatment of young people, and employment.

To find out more about our legal services and the areas of law we work in. To access legal information relating to legal matters commonly faced by children and young people. If you are under 18 and need help with legal issues, the Children’s and Youth legal service Brampton can help. It’s a free legal service for children and young people under 18 years of age. We are dedicated to promoting the rights of children and young people and empowering them to manage their legal problems.

We seek to fulfill its vision, service charter and strategic direction by offering:

  •  Legal services to all young people
  • Community legal education on youth issues; and
  • Policy and law reform activities.

In addition to client services, criminal lawyer Brampton plays an active role in raising awareness of the legal rights and responsibilities of children and young people. We regularly conduct community education, advocacy, and law reform activities. The service is confidential and operates in a friendly environment. We work for you only on your instructions. Whatever information you give us remains confidential and is not revealed to anyone – not to parents – not to the police.

If you would like to know more about youth legal service and the important work we do, check out our case studies. Whether you’re in trouble with the police or you just want to know about your fundamental rights, there are organizations out there that can provide you with advice. All legal advice is given confidentially. This means that whatever you say won’t be told to anyone else without your permission. This includes the police and your parents or guardians.

Advice by a legal practitioner on how the law applies to a problem. A free legal service for people under the age of 18. Provides information, legal advice, court representation, referral, telephone advice, advocacy, financial counseling. Information is confidential and action is only taken upon the client’s instructions.

Youth legal service Brampton focuses service delivery on meeting the legal advocates for children and young people (under 25 years of age), families and careers of children and young people in need of legal assistance, and those working directly with children and youth. We also provide community legal education through workshops and seminars, for children and those working with them on youth issues and laws.

Advice is available to face to face or by telephone, by appointment. Arrangements can be made to assist people at a location more convenient to them. Youth Legal Services is a program that provides legal information, advice, and referrals to street-involved youth through workshops and individual consultations. The lawyer will provide legal information, advice, and referrals to all street-involved youth that contact directly or through the drop-in.

Legal Service Brampton

Saggi Law Firm delivers legal services directly to young street-involved people in drop-in centers and shelters – the places where they congregate to access other services, such as health care, food, employment assistance, and counseling. It is our goal to educate young people about the value of law to empower even our most vulnerable citizens. We also lead legal education workshops and law reform activities with youth and persons advocating on behalf of street-involved youth.The Brampton criminal lawyer mandeep Saggi at Saggi Law Firm defends against all criminal charges.