Surety Bond Jail

Surety Bond Jail

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Surety Bond Jail

Surety Bond Jail

After an arrest, a defendant can remain in jail for quite some time while they wait for a scheduled court date to review their case. Instead of staying in jail, your attorney can arrange for your release prior to your court date. Contacting an attorney can be imperative to negotiating the terms of your release. An attorney will ask for a hearing called an arraignment. Your arraignment will decide if you can leave jail for the interim time, and what the court will need in order to allow you to leave.

Contacting an attorney can be imperative to negotiating the terms of your release

The prosecuting attorney will request that you remain in jail, or ask that you pay a high fee in order to leave. Your attorney will try to get you released, and if money needs to be paid in order to secure your release, your lawyer will request the least amount required from the court for you to be free for the time being.

There may come a point in your life where you or a loved one gets arrested and has to post bail. Sometimes this can be caused by a simple accident, false arrest, or being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Nobody wants to wait in jail until trial, so it’s best to have a surety bail bond service in mind before an incident occurs. Once a judge determines a bail amount for a defendant, it is possible to secure their release by one of two methods: cash or surety. There are clear differences between these two methods, and everyone should know what they are before moving forward.

Surety Bail Bond

Surety bond jail judges

A judge will take many aspects of the case into account during the arraignment. He or she will look at the severity of the crime or crimes in question, any crimes committed previously by the defendant; the role the defendant plays in their community, and the defendant’s financial situation. Once a judge has weighed each of the factors, they will decide if the defendant can leave jail, if they can be released upon their own recognizance, or if the accused individual needs to pay a fee for the security of their release. If the court decides that they need a financial assurance from the defendant, and a bail amount is assigned. The amount must be paid in full if the defendant pays with cash surety bond jail, or the bond can be promised to the court by a bail bond agent.

If you do not have the full amount of your bond out of jail, you can call a bail bond agent to make the payment for you. A bail bond agent will make a guarantee to the court that the accused will return for their court date. This is called a surety bond. If the accused decides to flee and they do not show up for court on their scheduled date, the bail bond agent pays the full amount of the bond to the court. In order to garner their own security, there are many stipulations to a lawyer for a bail bond surety.

First, a fee of ten percent of the bond is required as payment to the bondsman and is non-refundable. The bond agent will also ask for some form of collateral in case the defendant does not make it to their court date. Credit cards or property can be required in order to retain the services of a bondsman so that they can cover the bond money in case the court looks to them for payment. If a defendant does flee, the court will issue a bench warrant, and Sagii Law Firm helps you find for the suspect and turn them over to the law in order to retrieve their bond money.

If you are negotiating a bail amount, is it highly advisable that you find an attorney who can request arraignment and negotiate your bond? Some bail hearing lawyer Brampton also act as bail bond agents, so you may be able to speed up your process by finding a firm that can handle all of your bond needs.