Lease Review

Lease Review

Whatever you’ve negotiated, consult a well-versed lease review lawyer before signing a lease.

Sometimes it happens by way of honest misunderstanding, and sometimes because one party hopes that the new tenant will overlook a discrepancy, but leases can sometimes contain damning pitfalls that are difficult-to-impossible to escape if they’re not caught before finalization.

Some words may have questionable context that throws tenants under a bus. Some clauses may tack on hidden – but no less enforceable – costs. Sometimes, written-in obligations that aren’t initially understood completely create incompatible living arrangements.

No matter how “standard” the lease, retain Mandeep S. Saggi of Saggi Law Firm to review the document thoroughly before you sign.

Whether you’re signing a residential or commercial agreement, we can understand your unique circumstances and contrast those with what the lease demands in order to make any possible discrepancies completely clear to you. From there, you can trust us to negotiate on your behalf to obtain changes or concessions that bring both parties onto equal ground.

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