Before the end of your time on Earth arrives, leave nothing to chance.

Life is precious, finite and fragile. It’s never too early to set affairs in order should the unforeseen arrive. From business and financial affairs to your wishes for precious personal effects, Mandeep S. Saggi can assist you with laying out your last wishes with perfect clarity and no ambiguity.

No matter your estate’s size, the Saggi Law Firm of Toronto can structure a last will and testament that drastically reduces or even entirely eliminates the tax burden that your beneficiaries will face upon controlling your assets. We can also establish trusts and other tools that will turn the wealth you leave behind into a source of lifelong support and financial stability for your loved ones.

Most importantly, we realize that the grieving process is complicated enough. It needn’t be made more arduous by the divisive probate arbitration and legal standoffs that can occur when a loved one passes with explicit instructions for distributing worldly property and assets.

There’s never a time that’s too early to set forth a contingency plan for your untimely passing. There is such a thing as too late to establish legally binding clarity.

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