Disability Claims

Disability Claims

What is a Disability Claim?

A disability claim is a request for income assistance filed with the Social Security Administration. A claim is filed when a person believes that a mental or physical disability leads to his/her inability to lead a normal life or find a job.

The disability claims process consists of five stages: initial, reconsideration, hearing, appeals council hearing and Federal District Court appeal. An initial claim involves filling out either an SSDI or SSI application. Your application will either be denied or approved by a Social Security claims representative within three to five months.

Sometimes, insurance providers need a stiff shove in order for them to pay out even valid long-term disability claims (LTD). For them, it’s a matter of keeping profits high. For you, it’s a matter of waiting to receive the benefits and compensation that you’re owed while bills, living expenses and medical costs continue piling sky-high.

How to file Disability Claim?

A disability claim can either be filed yourself or through a disability advocate. Before filing a claim, an applicant should be able to prove that he/she is expected to be out of work for at least a year due to a permanent disability. One should also make sure that there are sufficient medical documents and physician’s opinions to confirm the existence and severity of the disabling condition.

A legal veteran such as Mandeep S. Saggi can be your navigator through a complex, lengthy process. “Disability” can be defined from losing your current job to an all-encompassing inability to hold down any job at all for an extended time frame. To add to the complication, certain disability benefits also include expiration dates and up to a 180-day window to appeal cut-off or denied benefits.

The lawyers of Toronto’s Saggi Law Firm can help you understand which evidence will prove most compelling in your case to receive LTD benefits and gain an understanding of how claims are evaluated. If your payments have been delayed or you’ve been underpaid at any point, we can provide the backing that will get you every cent that you’re due.

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