Impaired Driving Lawyer Brampton

Impaired Driving Lawyer Brampton

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Impaired Driving Lawyer Brampton

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Sometimes an accused person will have an explanation as to why they may have appeared under the influence of alcohol when they really were not. For example, after a significant motor vehicle accident, a driver will often exhibit many of the same symptoms they might if they were impaired i.e. slurred speech, unsteadiness on feet. Again, a skilled Impaired Driving lawyer Brampton can effectively bring out these alternative explanations with an eye towards creating reasonable doubt in the mind of the judge.

An experienced and competent Impaired Driving lawyer in Brampton who specializes in impaired driving cases is your best bet for success on this charge. Thorough and effective cross-examination of police witnesses is the key to success for an impaired driving allegation. A competent cross-examiner will know what questions to ask and just as importantly what questions not to ask. An incompetent or inexperienced lawyer can do more harm than good during cross-examination.

Why You Need  A Skill Lawyer For Impaired Driving Offence

Although a criminal record may have serious long term consequences, the biggest concern for many people charged with criminal driving offenses is the automatic license suspension. If you need to drive to work and support your family, the loss of your license is a heavy price to pay for an error in judgment. That’s where we come in.

Years of Successful Legal Defense

Hiring an impaired driving lawyer near me who truly understands your rights is essential to your defense. We provide the representation you need with years of experience and focuses almost exclusively on impaired driving offenses. Impaired Driving lawyer near me has focused their career on defending people charged with criminal driving offenses and have established themselves as experienced, successful counsel in this area.

Our Impaired Driving Lawyers Have Defended Thousands

Impaired driving is one of the most technically complicated areas in criminal law – which means you want a criminal lawyer with extensive knowledge and experience in this area. We know this area of law inside and out. We’ve been involved in precedent-setting cases and have frequently instructed other members of the legal profession on impaired driving law and specifically impaired driving defenses.

We have successfully defended thousands of people charged in the following areas:

  • Impaired Driving
  •  Impaired Driving Causing Bodily Harm or Death
  •  Driving ‘over 80’
  •  Driving ‘over 80’ Causing Bodily Harm or Death
  •  Dangerous Driving
  •  Dangerous Driving Causing Bodily Harm or Death
  •  Failing to Provide a Breath Sample
  • Fleeing the Scene of a Motor Vehicle Accident
  •  Serious Traffic Safety Act Offences

If you have been charged with any of these offenses, call the impaired driving lawyers for a free consultation. Acting quickly and consulting with our lawyers is essential as you have just 30 days to appeal the suspension of your license in impaired driving cases. We will ensure this important deadline is not missed.

Impaired Driving Lawyer

It is important that you get legal advice immediately to limit the negative impact a driving-related charge can have on you or your family’s lives. You need to know what to say and do while in police custody, and how and when you can get your driver’s license and vehicle back, as well as other important information. Only a criminal lawyer etobicoke can provide you with the proper legal advice when confronted with a criminal charge, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Saggi Law Firm will carefully review the notes and reports of the investigating officer, as well as audio and video recordings captured during the investigation, to ensure that the law has been complied with. Events that seem benign and innocuous to the lawyer will often stand out as an obvious impropriety or mistake by the police to a skilled lawyer, who will exploit this to the advantage of his or her client.