Criminal Harassment Defence Lawyer Brampton

Criminal Harassment Defence Lawyer Brampton

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Criminal Harassment Defence Lawyer Brampton

Harassment Defence Lawyer in Brampton

Being embroiled in a legal lawsuit can have a traumatic impact on your mental and physical health. Whether you are facing criminal charges, fighting a custody battle or simply in need of sound legal advice, it is important to have a qualified attorney at your side at all times for protection against unforeseen events. By simply browsing through the Internet or flipping through the local phone book, you will come across innumerable attorneys in your area. However, it is not necessary that the attorney you select will be able to provide the legal guidance required for your specific case; attorneys have their own field of specialization. In order to select the right criminal harassment defense lawyer Brampton, you first need to understand the types of attorneys that are available and their areas of specialization.

Family lawyers

Family lawyers deal with sensitive subjects like divorce, annulment, paternity, adoption, and custody. There are designated courtrooms available that deal only with family law cases. There are innumerable legal by-lines and lengthy procedures involved with family law cases, which are next to impossible for a layman to understand. This is where a family lawyer comes into the picture. An experienced attorney will guide you through the complicated legal process in an efficient manner. In most cases, attorneys will strive diligently to settle the case outside the courthouse in an amicable way.

Criminal defense lawyers

When confronted with criminal charges, the first thing that you need to do is contact a credible criminal harassment defense lawyer Brampton. Lawsuits are divided into two distinct categories – civil and criminal. From minor traffic violations and theft to murder cases, they all fall under the criminal category and you have to be represented by criminal defense lawyers. Depending on the severity of the cases, the attorney will design a suitable defense mechanism that best protects the interest of the clients. A defense lawyer may specialize in a number of related criminal law fields including drug-related crimes, cyber-crimes or sexual harassment.

Information on criminal harassment defense lawyer Brampton

The following information has been prepared to give people a general understanding of criminal harassment law. It is recommended that a lawyer be hired whenever facing this type of charge to ensure that the advice given and received is current. Do not try to defend this charge without hiring a lawyer. In fact, always hire the best criminal lawyers in Brampton as soon as possible, before an arrest, or any discussions with the police, if possible.

To be found guilty of criminal harassment, the accused must either know or be reckless as to whether the complainant is harassed by one or more of the above-mentioned forms of conduct. Further, the complainant must reasonably in the circumstances have been fearful of their safety or the safety of someone known to them as a result of the conduct.

Irrespective of the nature of the lawsuit, the only objective of attorneys should be to get you a fair trial in the courthouse and fiercely protect your interests under all circumstances.

On a charge of criminal harassment the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt:

  • That the accused engaged in the activity in question; and
  • That the accused knew or was reckless about how their conduct would be perceived by the complainant; AND
  • That the complainant feared for their safety or the safety of someone connected to them; AND
  • That the fear the complainant experienced was reasonably held under the circumstances.

If the criminal harassment defense lawyer raises a reasonable doubt with respect to any of these considerations, the court must acquit the accused.

Criminal Lawyer

People are often caught by surprise when they find themselves facing criminal charges of harassment or uttering threats. They do not understand how simply saying something can result in a criminal charge. If these charges lead to a conviction, they can come with serious consequences, including incarceration. Saggi Law Firm helps you will help you with all the necessary process contact us today