Spinal & Brain Injuries

Spinal & Brain Injuries

In many instances, human spinal & brain injuries leave irreparable lingering effects. The resulting trauma reshapes the lives often not only of the victims who must deal with physical and mental disabilities in the wake of their injuries, but the family members and other loved ones who must care after them in the ways they can no longer care for themselves. Injured individuals’ memories, personalities, dispositions and functioning are sometimes never the same.

Something that can’t be helped and can’t be fixed could leave them frustrated and unable to maintain relationships, occupations, studies and other day-to-day responsibilities.

Similarly, spinal injuries don’t necessarily heal in the same manner as others to the body. Depending on its placement, it can forever alter the central nervous system’s coordination of the body’s movement. In some instances, it can rob some or all of the body and limbs from the neck down of functionality.

Where lives have been changed the most, the most just compensation must be sought.

If you or a loved one has faced these most serious of spinal & brain injuries, then don’t hesitate – contact the Saggi Law Firm of Toronto today. We’ll tap into our resources of medical professionals to verify the full extent of injuries, then seek out appropriate damages that will compensate your long-term medical care and rehabilitation.

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