Insurance Disputes

Insurance Disputes

Millions of people annually invest their trust and peace of mind in their various & sundry insurance providers. They often stuck in insurance disputes many times. In a perfect world, none of our clients would ever need for us to pursue their automobile, health, life or home insurance providers in order to receive payment upon their policies. Until that ideal world arrives, Mandeep S. Saggi and Toronto’s Saggi Law Firm team of legal professionals will stand proudly in the Greater Toronto Area’s corner.

Sometimes, disagreements simply arise between providers and policy holders over misunderstandings of policy guidelines and limits. Contracts, after all, can be complex animals. In other instances, discrepancies can develop over information that’s unintentionally been allowed to become outdated.

Under the most unfortunate of circumstances, some providers will employ delaying tactics, loopholes and even simple semantics to justify delaying payouts, denying claims or even cutting off coverage entirely. All the while, policyholders’ expenses and losses continue mounting as they await relief.

When the complexities and nuances of contracts give insurance companies windows to stall payments, the Saggi Law Firm family will remind them of their legal obligations and defend your rights to the coverage to which your contract entitles you. We’ll stand against tactics that attempt to confuse you with confusing, carefully worded clauses designed to give providers an easy “out” from paying on their policies.

You’ve paid for peace of mind. Mandeep S. Saggi and the Saggi Law Firm are here to make sure that you receive it.

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