Car Accident

Car Accident

Few things can change a life in an instant quite the way a car accident can.

In a single life-altering moment, people sustain physical injuries and emotional trauma that follows them the rest of their lives. In many instances, lives are cut completely short.

If you’ve been in an accident, contact both your insurance provider and an experienced lawyer such as Mandeep S. Saggi immediately. Do not claim fault at any point, even if you believe that you were responsible. Answer any questions only with counsel present.

Speaking with your attorney can help you determine the extent of the psychological injuries you may have suffered, which no medical exam can accurately ascertain. Metal meeting metal at over 35 miles per hour can be a harrowing experience leading to a lifetime of ingrained fear. Just as importantly, many accident victims are plagued with severe back, spine and neck injuries including crushed or slipped discs.

Sometimes, the resulting pain and restrictions in mobility can hinder your ability to earn a living. As a result, you could be left with no way to recoup your lost wages, expenses and legal fees resulting from this experience.

A knowledgeable attorney such as Mandeep S. Saggi and the lawyers of the Saggi Law Firm team can clearly explain to you the overall cost of your injuries and give you an idea how much you could stand to recoup from timely legal action.

If you’ve been in an accident, call Mandeep S. Saggi today. We can’t undo the damage, but we can help pick up your life’s pieces so that you can set them back in order with time.

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