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With appropriate due diligence and planning, an uncontested divorce can bring a clean, clear, less costly end to your marriage.

In Canada, an “uncontested divorce” occurs under one of two conditions:

UNCONTESTED DIVORCEThe opposing party files no answer to the initial divorce filing within a 30-60 day period after being initially physically served with papers…


Both spouses file jointly, with no disagreement over any pressing issues.
Before proceeding, have your spouse’s most recent contact information available for service purposes. Take note also that if you file jointly, a judge is more likely to see the mutual desire to end the marriage and grant the divorce with little fuss.

If possible, you both should consult with an attorney. Though you may both agree that you want the marriage to end, it’s in the interest of peace of mind and thoroughness that you both should be sure you’re in complete agreement on all crucial separation of property, division of assets and (if applicable) custody and support considerations before filing.

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