Contested Divorces

Between uncontested divorces and contested divorces, the latter tend to be the more expensive, tense and often filled with drama.

What is contested divorces?

The contested divorce is the type in which the spouses cannot arrive at an agreement on one or more key issues in order to conclusively terminate their marriage. When spouses cannot arrive at an agreement, even with the assistance of their legal counsel (if any), they must approach a court to adjudicate their dispute.

As a once-loving relationship comes to an end, both parties many times finding themselves assigning blame to one another – frequently, in the attempt to come away with a greater share of property, assets, child support and custody – and taking resulting harms personally.

Where there’s disagreement over key points of your separation and divorce, let Mandeep S. Saggi of Saggi Law Firm protect your rights and ensure that you come with your fair share of the products of your marriage.

In a contested divorce, keep direct contact between yourself and your spouse to a minimum unless both sides’ lawyers are present. Otherwise, let the respective representatives communicate one another’s desires. Speaking out of turn or against your attorney’s advice could let loose some damning truth that a judge could see as entitling your spouse to greater shares of assets and shared property, an advantage in child custody, and an increased level of spousal support.

There’s sometimes no avoiding the messiness of a divorce. Even so, be candid with your attorney about all assets, all property with which you entered the marriage, and the circumstances of your marriage. The more your attorney knows, the more effectively your attorney can protect your rights in the settlement.

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