If the court rules against your becoming custodial parent of your children, then one of the biggest responsibilities in the wake of your divorce will be paying child support.

It can also become one of the aspects of divorce in which you’re bound to feel the most helpless.

The number of children your marriage produced that are now in your spouse’s care will be factored in with a number of other assessments to determine your monthly child-support payments:

  • Income tax returns for each of the past three years
  • Assessment and reassessment notices for the each of the past three years
  • If you are an employee, your most recent earnings statement or income confirmation from your employer
  • If you control a corporation or are self-employed, financial statements for your business showing all wages and other payments
  • Documentation of any employment insurance, social assistance, a pension, worker’s compensation or disability payments
  • Any documentation of trust income of which you are a beneficiary

Every year after your divorce, you are to provide your spouse with up-to-date income documentation within 30 days of the divorce finalization’s anniversary. Your child-support payments can increase if your children should incur any “special expenses” including child care, daycare, medical and dental costs, and private or post-secondary education.

Hire an attorney regarding your child support

During the course of your proceedings, be completely candid with your attorney. Your attorney can only fight for fair and equitable division of child support with your clearest input. Contact Mandeep Saggi at Saggi Law Firm today regarding your child support payments, get free consultation.

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