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Even when addressing the simplest of agreements, always draft and review contracts with the aid of a versed legal profession, such as those of the Saggi Law Firm.

Even a standard “boilerplate” contract can be uniquely impactful toward you, depending on the sum of the circumstances. Each form should be given a careful diligence that assesses how each provision suits all signees involved. Attorneys such as Mandeep S. Saggi have honed keen eyes to size up not only what the contract requires of each party, but what provisions it makes in the event of a breach or dispute for resolution through either litigation or arbitration.

Choosing arbitration over going forward with a full-fledged civil suit puts the resolution process more firmly into the signees hands. The two sides, along with their respective lawyers, will come together to choose a third-party decision maker. Arbitration can often not only spare the expenses of time and money devoured by ongoing court proceedings, but can also be more conducive to a more civil aftermath.

Meanwhile, taking a case to court can provide a more stringent, linear process coupled with both parties reserving the right to appeal the final decision.

In the end, your attorney should possess ample insight from experience. Call the Saggi Law Firm today for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation that may better illuminate your options.

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