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We all make mistakes. This is a reality of life. However, sometimes our mistakes have legal consequences to them. It is not a mistake to seek help during these times. Indeed, if you’re a Kitchener resident in need of a criminal lawyer, seeking help from Saggi Law Firm could be the start of putting your life back on the proper path.Criminal Lawyer Kitchener

Saggi Law Firm provides criminal lawyer services to the Kitchener region and beyond. We can help you deal with the consequences of any legal difficulties you amy find yourself in, and will ensure that you’re treated fairly under the law throughout the process.

If you find yourself in custody, for example, the Criminal Lawyer Kitchener at Saggi can address your bail hearings and review during the week or the weekend. Our team successfully gets a very large percentage of our clients released on bail within 12 hours of being notified. In addition, we will fight to try and get you the best possible terms for your release.

If you need help dealing with a criminal charge, or if you’re in custody and need assistance, please call 647-983-6720 to speak with on of our experienced lawyers today.

Mandeep is serving the community of Kitchener as a criminal lawyer for many years.

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