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Assault charges, no matter the specific type, can have far-reaching, severe consequences. Make no mistake, these are some of the more serious offences with which the Crown can charge an individual.

Even under these series charges, Mandeep S. Saggi and the Saggi Law Firm team of trial lawyers can defend your case successfully without your presence in court.

Sexual Assault charges are regarded as particularly serious for both the bodily and emotional harms that victims must endure, and can carry some of farthest-reaching consequences. From your trial through your sentencing, experienced counsel such as the kind informed by the Saggi Law Firm team’s combined 35 years’ experience can be a difference-maker between freedom and incarceration. Similarly, due to the particularly significant bodily injuries usually involved, Aggravated Assault charges carry penalties and allegations every bit as severe as the harms. If convicted, your Police Assault charges carry a virtually guaranteed jail sentence. The law takes an attempt to harm a law enforcement officer very seriously.

This is where the guidance of experienced trial lawyers such as those of the Saggi Law Firm team can become turning points. If you’ve exercised only reasonable force, self-defence can merit leniency in some instances. The force used must be reasonable to the factual circumstances. The Crown under no circumstances tolerates excessive force. Provocation, as a mitigating factor, may reduce a sentence if you’re convicted, but it is never considered a valid defense in assault cases.

Got caught? You are innocent until proven guilty. Assault-related charges can generate immigration problems if you should ever attempt entering the United States of America. Prepare your case with high quality criminal defense from Mandeep S. Saggi and the Saggi Law Firm.

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